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Australian Rockhampton Delegation Visit Gold Cup Subsidiary- Winner


One new industry of Gold Cup is Cold Chain Logistics called Winner, Winner covers the area of 86000m², is the largest individual refrigeration house in China with the capacity of 100,000 tons. More than 400 food companies have stationed in Winners so far, moreover, it has drawn international attention. A Rockhampton delegation, led by Regional Development General Manager Mr. Tony, came to visit Winner to discuss cooperation on Nov.13th, 2018. Mr. Fan Zhihong, the chairman, Mr.Jiang Hua, the General Manager of Winner received the delegation.
The main industry of Rockhampton is beef processing, Rockhampton is also called the Capital of Beef, half of beef in Australia is from Rockhampton.

The delegation has understood in details the logistics model, loading and unloading operation and house temperature monitoring system, entered the house(-18℃) for inspection, and gave high praise.

Two parties has further exchange about beef trans-border trade and future mutual cooperation as well as the market cooperation of cable business.