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Common Rubber Flexible Cable
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EPR insulated flexible cable

EPR insulated  flexible cable up to 110kV is the new product develope by Gold Cup applicable to connect the switchgearand electrical cubicle.

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  • Product Description
Product Description

The insulation is the 90℃ EPR or other equivalent elastomer, three layers (conductor screen, insulation and insulation screen)coextrusion is applied over the conductor. Insulation is easy to be peeled.
Conductor screen applies semi-conductive tape+ semi-conductive extrusion construction
Insulation screen applies the construction of semi-conductive  extrusion +metal/fiber braiding or semi-conductive  extrusion + semi-conductive tape+metal/fiber braiding.
The sheath color is yellow/green.
Usage characteristics
(1) the rated voltage 8.7/15kV
(2) the highest operation temperature is 90℃
(3) 5s short circuit temperature ≤250℃
(4) allowed bending radius ≤6D