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Electrical Equipment Wire
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Plastics insulated and sheathed Control Cable

The executive standard is GB/T9330. The cable is used in the control, monitoring and protection circuit of 450/750V and below, it can be buried in the ground, laid in the cable trench, bridge and pipe.

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  • Product Description
Product Description

Product Characteristics
Rate voltage: 450/750V
The laying temperature shall not be less than 0℃
The long term working temperature of PVC insulated conductor is 70℃
The long term working temperature of XLPE insulated conductor is 90℃

The cable bending radius:
≥6D for unarmored PVC insulated control cable
≥8D for unarmored XLPE insulated control cable
≥12D for armored or copper tape screened control cable
≥6D for screened flexible control cable

Construction Diagram