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Electrical Equipment Wire
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300/500V Computer Cable

This product is applicable to anti-interference distribution device of 300/500V and below as the connection or control wire for electrical apparatus, meter, computer and other similar systems.

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  • Product Description
Product Description

Product Characteristics
(1) The max. long term working temperature:
70℃ for PE or PVC insulated conductor; 90℃ for XLPE insulated conductor
(2) Cable laying temperature
the laying temperature shall not be less than 0℃,if less,  the cable should be preheated and make sure the temperature is above 0℃ during the laying
(3) Short circuit temperature
160℃ for PE or PVC insulated cable, 250℃Cfor XLPE insulated cable
(4) Bending radius
>12D for copper tape, plastics aluminum compound tape screened cable or steel tape, steel wire armored cable
>12D for other cable

Construction Diagram